Friday, January 11, 2019

Summer Learning Journey Activity 3 Day 3 Week 4

Hello bloggers,
Today we are going to talk about extinction. Lots of plant are endangered. Most of it is because of humans. For this activity I have to pretend I can save 10 animal species or plants that are going extinct.

  1. Sea Turtles because they have been on our earth for over 100 years!
  2. The white rhino because  it is a unique creature.
  3. Orangutan because it is a creature that looks like an ape
  4. Saola because it looks so cute
  5. Amur Leopard because leopards have been on earth for a long time
  6. Venus flytrap because it it a cool moving plant
  7. Kiwi because it is my favorite bird
  8. Takahae because it is a native NZ bird
  9. Elephant because it looks super cool
  10. Pangolin because it looks like it has rare scales

Thank you for coming to my blog. Please give me feedback. BYE!!


  1. Hi Vitaraag,

    It's Leslie here, reading your blog from my home in Canada. I'm a member of the Summer Learning Journey team and I'm enjoying reading your blog.

    You've done a super job of listing 10 species of animals and/or plants that you would like to protect from extinction. It's a great list and it allowed me to learn something new. I have never heard of a pangolin before so I've just looked it up on google and learned that it's an anteater that lives in Africa. Very cool! I had no idea that people would hunt them for their scales and for their meat. I hope that the conservation efforts in place to prevent people from poaching them will work!!

    Have you ever had a chance to see a kiwi bird in the wild? You'd have to be up late at night, needless to say. I saw one in a zoo in Auckland when I was visiting my daughter a couple of years ago. They are adorable!!

    I hope you're having a super summer holiday. And I hope you'll continue to work away at the Summer Learning Journey activities. You're doing so well!!



  2. Kia Ora Vitaraag

    You probably now who I am by now but My name is Araura and I am from Wesley Primary School. I am also taking part in the Summer Learning journey.

    I love how you put kinda a fact at the top by saying "Plants are engaged. Manily by humans"

    I think you made a great choice when you chose all ten of these plants and animals.

    It would have been alot better if you could have added a few pictures.
    But it is still amazing

    I also like how you wrote why you chose these plants and animals.

    Anyways keep up the amazing work Vitaraag.