Saturday, January 12, 2019

Summer Learning Journey Activity 2 Day 4 Week 4

Hello bloggers,
Today we are going to talk about plastic bags. Plastic has took over the world (not really). Some companies in NZ have stopped giving out plastic bags. Countdown is one of them. I have to tell you want I think of countdown stopping giving out plastic bags.

Personally I think that it is a good thing because plastic bags take about 10 - 1000 years to decompose. When it does it is still bad for the environment. Think about this 999999999999999999 plastic bags (That was just a guess). 999999999999999999 x 1000 if you do the math that how many years it will take to biodegrade that may plastic bags.

My mum said  that she thinks it is a good idea because marine animals are dying because they are eating rubbish like plastic. She said she watched a video where they found lots of dead marine animals that all died because they ate rubbish and that is our fault.

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  1. Hi Vitaraag,

    This is Leslie, reading your blog from my home in Canada as a member of the Summer Learning Journey team. I'm so glad that you've chosen to participate in the program this summer!! Good for you!!

    I agree with you that reducing or eliminating the use of plastic bags is a good idea! I think it is a very good thing that Countdown has done in no longer providing plastic bags to customers.

    What does your family do when you go shopping? We take reusable fabric bags and when we have a large grocery shopping to do we actually take laundry baskets with us. It makes it easy to unpack the groceries at home because the items are all in one big basket which we can carry into the kitchen in one trip! We've done this for years so the grocery clerks know to not even ask whether or not we want bags...

    Perhaps your family does something similar. I'm so pleased to know that your mom was interested in watching the video and discussing this with you. That's fabulous - thank you, to your mom!

    I hope you're really enjoying your summer holiday and that you're getting to spend lots of time being active outdoors, as well as spending time on these Summer Learning Journey activities!



  2. Kia Ora Vitaraag

    My name is Araura and I am from Wesley primary school. I am also taking part in the Summer Learning journey.

    I would have to agree with you it does take a lot of time to recycle the bags and destroy them.

    I love how you're getting your family's opinion. Yes the bag's do kill or hurt the sea animals which I think that is fair for the countdowns to take the bag's away.

    Anyways keep up the amazing work

    Your sincerely