Friday, November 30, 2018

Classroom description

Hello bloggers,
We did some writing on our class. We were trying to use different sentence starters use more interesting vocabulary and make sure my writing makes sense. 
Here is my writing

The Teacher's desk is covered with finders books and papers. Whenever the teacher organizes it the next day it’s a mess. Inside the teachers drawer is a heap of materials for learning. Boxes are usually around the desk. Books are scattered in all different boxes under the desk. It is never organized.

The Chromebook cupboard sits on the side of our classroom. Inside it is a load of chargers, chromebooks and chromebook cases. They are all messily placed in the cupboard. For example chargers are hanging from the shelfs cases  are in the wrong place and chromebooks in the wrong place. It’s a disorganized place!

The ceiling has small holes in it which water can’t get through. Rectangle shaped lights hang from the ceiling like power lines. Harris classes artwork is displayed on the ceiling. Fire alarms stare down at you as you look up. The air conditioner sticks to the ceiling like a spider.

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